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3 benefits of raising Silkie Bantam chicken

If you don't think chickens make good household pets, you might change your mind after learning about Silkie Bantam chicken. The Lovely Hen has the inside scoop, as well as plenty of Silkie Bantam chicken for sale in Southampton, NJ.

Silkie Bantam chicken make great companions because they're sweet and mothering. They are easily recognized by their fur and teddy bear-like appearance. They also...

  • Lay up to 120 small cream-colored or tinted eggs per year, which you can eat or sell
  • Win poultry shows because of their beautiful plumage
  • Eat insects
Plus, they don't need a lot of room to stretch out because they can tolerate heat and confined spaces. We carry blue, black, white, and buff Silkie Bantams. Contact us today to learn more about raising this breed of chicken.

They're so fluffy!

They're so fluffy!

You can tell by the five toes, conspicuous crest and soft plumage that you're looking at a Silkie Bantam chicken. We carry blue, white, partridge, bearded, non-bearded, buff and gray Silkie Bantams. Ask us about our breed availability when you call 717-559-5705 today.

Fast Facts About Silkie Bantam Chicken

Silkie Bantam chicken...

  • Make great pets - they are kid friendly and extremely docile
  • Are typically picked on when living among other breed
  • Can live up to 7-9 years old
  • Females weigh up to 3 pounds
  • Males weigh up to 4 pounds
  • Have five toes, when most chickens have four
  • Do not perform well when wet - their fur soaks and holds in water. It is best to blow-dry or towel dry if they become wet.
  • Can development respiratory problems if left exposed, so it is best to keep them warm and sheltered during the fall and winter months