2 Pearl Leghorns or Mixed Breed Chickens w/ a Small Chicken Coop


Medium-Sized Chicken Coop - Comes w/ Blue Cochin, Pearl Leghorn, and Black Australorp Chickens

Large Chicken Coop - Comes w/ Bearded Silkie Bantam Chickens in a Variety

(Blue, White, Bearded & Non-bearded, Partridge, Buff, and Grey)

Silkie Bantam Large Chicken Coop


50 LB Bag of Seed (Non-GMB)

$25 extra fee

Small Size Chicken Coop


(includes 2 chickens)

Medium Size Chicken Coop


(includes 3 - 4 chickens)

Large Size Chicken Coop


(includes 6 - 10 chickens)

Please Note:

  • A feeding tray and watering tray comes with all chicken coops.
  • We provide free delivery within a 60 mile radius of our address. Delivery any further than that is available, but please email for an estimate. We deliver to PA, NJ, NY, and Delaware.