Pearl Leghorn Chicken Are
Egg-cellent Layers

Learn why they're a go-to breed for small farmers

Leghorn eggs are often used commercially for egg production. They produce large egg white shells, so many of the eggs you find at your local grocery store come from Pearl Leghorn chicken.

Raising this type of chicken is a good way to enjoy farm-fresh eggs every morning and they are a great breed for first-time backyard chicken owners. You can purchase mature Pearl Leghorn chicken and mixed breed of Leghorn chicken from Lovely Hen in Southampton, NJ to get started.

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Fast facts about Pearl Leghorn Chicken

Pearl Leghorn chicken...

  • Weigh between 3-4 pounds at maturity
  • Need 3 square ft per bird when housed at night in the chicken coop
  • Start laying eggs as young as four and a half months
  • Can lay up to 300 eggs per year
  • Have strong immune systems
  • It has taken over 4 decades of development to achieve the Pearl Leghorn chicken you see today

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