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When you want to hatch new eggs to expand your chicken population, Lovely Hen is here to help. We sell hatching eggs for a variety of breeds that you can incubate. The chicken breeds we carry include Blue Cochin, Black Australorp, Silkie Bantam and Pearl Leghorn chickens.

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Our egg options

Our egg options

Whether you want to expand your chicken population, or you're looking for high-quality eggs, we have the stock you need. You can order:

  • Silkie eggs for $2.50 per egg
  • 12 Silkie hatching eggs for $99
  • Fertilized hatching eggs for $1.50 per egg

Our fertilized hatching eggs come in white, brown or an ornamental mix, and our dozen Silkie hatching eggs come in assorted colors. We offer pickup options if you live nearby, and we ship across the U.S., excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Please use your best judgment when deciding to ship hatching or fertilized eggs during cold months as we cannot heat pack eggs at this time.

Email us now if you're interested in our eggs. We do not include shipping costs in egg prices.