Blue Cochin Chicken Are Poultry Show Prizewinners

Lovely Hen has so many beautiful chickens for sale

Whether they're strutting around the barnyard or at the county fair, Blue Cochin chicken look nothing short of majestic. If you're ready to decorate your walls with blue ribbons, purchase mature Blue Cochin chicken from the Lovely Hen.

These stately birds, which originated in China, are known for their...

  • Soft, fluffy feathers
  • Impressive size
  • Blue, black, and splash plumage
These chickens can also produce plenty of eggs, up to 180 per year. Blue Cochin don't fly due to their size and their plumage allows them to maintain in cooler temperatures. Call 717-559-5705 today to learn more about this award-winning breed.

They might look haughty, but they're actually sweet

Blue Cochin chicken have a gentle disposition, so they are very pet friendly. They are space-efficient and would be a great addition to your backyard farm. Be cautious when mixing flocks, however, because other breeds might not cohabitate well with Blue Cochin chicken.

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Fast Facts about Blue Cochin chicken

Blue Cochin chicken...

  • Live up to 4-8 years
  • Come in many colored varieties
  • Females weigh up to 9 pounds
  • Males weigh up to 11 pounds