Black Australorp Chickens Can Pull Double Duty

They lay abundant eggs and offer plenty of meat

If you've always wanted to raise chickens but aren't sure what breed to start with, you can't go wrong with Black Australorp chickens. Although relatively new to the United States - they were imported from Australia in the early 20th century - they've become a go-to breed among backyard farmers for their egg and meat production.

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Beautiful at all life stages

Beautiful at all life stages

Black Australorp chickens lay small tan eggs, which hatch into black chicks with white wingtips and underparts. They soon mature into black, glossy-feathered adults with a greenish-purple sheen.

Male chickens are larger and meatier than their female counterparts, but female Black Australorps are by no means skinny. Contact us today for more facts about Black Australorp chickens.