Support a Veteran-Owned Business

Support a Veteran-Owned Business

Purchase chickens and coops from Lovely Hen

Raising Chickens

See how easy it can be to get started

People appreciate cooking with farm-fresh eggs and eating pasture-raised chicken for dinner, but it can be hard to find those items at the grocery store. Raising backyard chickens can put food on your neighbor's table and more money in your bank account.

Lovely Hen is your source for egg-laying and meat-producing chickens in Southampton, NJ. Choose from mixed breeds we have, including - Pearl White Leghorns, Silkie Bantams, Blue Cochins and Black Australorps - and purchase a coop. Soon you'll be well on your way to starting a backyard farm.

Contact us at 717-559-5705 to get started.

Tips for fledgling chicken farmers

Tips for fledgling chicken farmers

Purchasing live chickens is an easy way to start raising chickens. You won't have to build your own chicken coop when you purchase chickens through the Lovely Hen. We offer small, medium and large coops for sale.

Please remember to...

  • Set up your coop in a safe area where your chickens can roam freely.
  • Read up on chicken feeding and egg-gathering so you can avoid scuffles.
  • Do your research before mixing breeds, as some chickens don't cohabitate well.
Contact us today if you've got questions.